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Contact the IMARK office anytime for Vendor or Member information, program details, promotional activity scheduling, or general inquiries. Feel free to share your suggestions and ideas. 

General Inquiries:

Log-In Problems:
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IMARK Personnel:  

John Aykroyd, President
330-362-2800, Ext. 24

Jennifer Filippi, Rebate Manager
330-362-2800, Ext. 16

Barb Marinelli, Rebate & Accounting Assistant

330-362-2800, Ext. 15

Stephanie Palmer, Administrative Assistant
330-362-2800, Ext. 10

Ann Travarca, Data Processing Assistant
330-362-2800, Ext. 11

Mailing Address & Phone Numbers: 

IMARK Plumbing
251 W. Garfield Rd., Ste. 286
Aurora, OH  44202
Phone:  330-362-2800