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The following outline is intended to help new Members and potential Members better understand Omni and the benefits available through Omni Membership.

Omni Member principals can also pass this summary on to key persons in their organization who are in a position to influence the Omni/Member relationship. Each Member wholesaler needs the cooperation and support of all personnel to achieve maximum benefits from Omni Membership, and we hope this information will help develop that support.

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In return for the marketing services provided and the volume potential offered, Omni receives a value added discount from all participating Vendors. Some also offer additional benefits such as special Omni freight terms or quantity pricing levels.

This total benefit package is referred to as the Vendor/Omni Program. This program will vary from Vendor to Vendor, and in some cases discounts will increase based upon volume plateaus established by the Vendor.


The Omni/Member Program dollars earned by Omni are shared with the Members based on each Member's purchases. Payment is made according to the Omni/Member Program, which is detailed in the Vendor Program Guide (see paragraph IV).

Omni/Member Program dollars earned are paid to the Member monthly, except for bonus dollars earned from Vendors who have volume plateau programs. In most cases, bonus earnings will be included with fourth quarter payments to the Member.


Omni Members are encouraged to participate fully in Omni Vendor programs by virtue of an annual Member Participation Policy. Members are rewarded based upon their participation in each Vendor program and aggregate programs of all Vendors.


More than 150 Vendors currently have programs with Omni, all of whom offer economic benefits beyond normal market pricing.

These programs vary both in discount percentages and program format. The specifics of each program are contained in the Vendor Program Guide (VPG) which is furnished to each Member.

The VPG does not show national, regional, or local market prices. It does show Vendor information, freight terms, special conditions, and the Omni/Member Program benefits the Member will earn for purchases made from each Vendor.

Updates are generally made every four to six weeks, and Members are promptly notified that new sheets are available on a secure area of Omni's web site.


Each Member principal receives a detailed report with the monthly and quarterly Omni/Member Program payment showing amounts earned for each Vendor on a year-to-date basis. Payment of the amounts earned are forwarded via ACH wire transfer shorlty after the reports are issued.

Member personnel should be assigned responsibility to monitor these reports to assure that all purchases from Omni Vendors are reported accurately. Any variance should be reported immediately to the Omni office.


A database of Member e-mail addresses is maintained for those times when an e-mail message is the preferred way to send a communication to the membership. The majority of Vendor promotions, critical price changes, or similar messages are communicated to the membership via e-mail.


For the benefit of both Members and Vendors, Omni maintains this site on the internet. The site offers 24 hour-a-day access to Omni information including current lists of Members and Vendors, product line data, complete Vendor Program information, Spring Meeting dates, email links, and more.

Several portions of the site (News, Vendor Programs, Specials, etc.) are reserved strictly for the benefit of our Member wholesalers. Those portions are password protected to ensure the confidential nature of the material.


Each year Omni offers our Vendors the opportunity to participate in the Frequent Buyer Incentive (FBI) program.

Similar to other Frequent Buyer programs, Omni Members can earn Award Points based on their purchases from participating Vendors. The points are then redeemable for Annual Meeting Credit dollars. The meeting credit earned for the year is paid after attendance at the annual Spring Meeting has been verified.

The FBI program is an economic benefit totally in addition to the benefits derived from the Omni/Member Program. Funding for FBI comes only from participating FBI Vendor's promotional funds and does not affect the Vendor/Omni Program benefits.


While every Omni Member likes the special buys available at the Annual Meeting, it is not always convenient to take time to attend a distant meeting. Also, travel and lodging expense is always a consideration.

To give Members another show special opportunity without the time and expense of attending a meeting, each October most of Omni's Vendors participate in the Omni Fall Roadshow. All Vendors are solicited for a Roadshow Special for the month of October, and these specials are released to the Members in late September.


In addition to the specials available through the annual Fall Roadshow, Members can also take advantage of periodic promotions available exclusively to the Omni membership. Some of these are a one-time opportunity for savings while most are featured as part of the Spotlight Vendor Program.

The Spotlight Vendor Program features pre-planned promotions from many of the Omni-approved Vendors. A calendar showing when these promotions are available is updated frequently and posted within the password-protected portion of the Omni web site. Members can easily access this information and plan their purchases accordingly.

From time to time, Omni Members have the opportunity to participate in a long-term Vendor sponsored incentive program. Past programs have featured merchandise awards, travel certificates, factory trips, and other unique incentive items.


Each year in late January or early February, Omni holds its Annual Meeting.  Activities include regular Member business meetings, informative seminars, and a busy Conference Booth session. Most of Omni's Vendors are in attendance, each with special buys available to the Members who attend.

In addition, ample time is provided during the 2-1/2 day meeting to exchange thoughts and ideas with fellow wholesaler Members and to become better acquainted with top Vendor personnel in attendance.

Annual Meeting sites generally alternate east and west for the convenience of our Members on either coast. Click here for information on the next Annual Meeting.


The Omni Vendor Committee is comprised of representatives from 54 Member companies. The Vendor Committee is divided into four product specific task groups, and the individual Members within each task group are assigned the responsibility of being a liaison for one or more current Vendors. The Committee is responsible for product selection, negotiating new Vendor programs, and maintaining relationships with current Omni Vendors.

Members are automatically assigned to the Vendor Committee after meeting specific requirements within the Omni Participation Policy. Committee Members are required to meet twice a year, once at the annual Annual Meeting and during the summer at the Vendor Invitational at a location convenient to all.


Although the primary reason wholesalers join Omni is to receive the additional economic benefits a group organization can offer, membership in Omni also comes with many benefits that are not quantifiable. These intangible benefits include:

A Strong Sense of Camaraderie Between Members
Development of Long-Term Friendships
Networking and Information Sharing
Being Part of a Well Known and Highly Respected Industry Organization

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