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Omni provides a variety of support services for our Vendors, and we feel it is important that Vendor sales and marketing management personnel are aware of the services available. It is also important to understand not only what we can do, but how we do it, to enable the Vendor to take full advantage of the support that Omni offers. The following outline will assist a Vendor to use Omni as part of the regular marketing/sales activity as well as for special marketing projects.

  Mailing Lists  
  Member Lists  
  Bulk E-Mail  
  Frequent Buyer Incentive  
  Special Promotions  
  Spotlight Vendor Program  
  Omni Fall Roadshow  
  Market Surveys  
  Key Account Contact  
  Omni Annual Meeting  



It is difficult for some Vendors to build and maintain an effective mailing list for good communications to their customers AND their potential customers. In many cases, the solution is to use the present customer list, and the result is that price changes, new product announcements, and other important messages are sent only to those customers or people who are already buying the Vendor's products. Distribution of the information to POTENTIAL customers is left to the sales rep or ignored.

On request, Omni can furnish the Vendor with mailing labels:

a. For Member principals
b. For purchasing/buyer personnel
c. Sorted by ZIP Code or for specific ZIP Codes only
d. Sorted by states or for specific states only
e. Customized to your specifications

Utilizing this service can assure the Vendor that information will get to non-customers as well as present buyers.


Listings of Omni Members and their locations are continually maintained and updated. These lists can be found on the Omni web site, as well as be provided by the Omni office. The lists can be furnished in Excel or PDF formats.

If such information would be useful to a Vendor or perhaps helpful in mailing list maintenance, call report monitoring, or other internal activities, visit the Omni web site or contact the Omni office.

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Omni maintains a database of Member e-mail addresses for those times when an e-mail message is needed to communicate to the membership. Vendor promotions, critical price changes, or similar messages can be communicated upon request.


Since 1987, Omni has offered all Omni Vendors the opportunity to participate in a special incentive program designed to attract new business for the Vendor and to encourage more business from present customers. The program has had continued success and popularity with our Members and those Vendors who have chosen to participate.

The Frequent Buyers Incentive (FBI) program simply gives the Member wholesaler the opportunity to earn Award Points from participating Vendors. These points are then issued to those Members attending the Omni Annual Meeting.

FBI gives the Vendor the opportunity to be part of this type of program at a cost that is affordable. In fact, each participating Vendor determines their own contribution to the program. Ask us about the details of FBI and how you can be a FBI Vendor.


Almost every Vendor has occasional industry-wide promotions of some type, and Omni can support those programs using e-mail bulletins and other Member communications.

In addition, Omni will help any Vendor develop promotions for Omni Members. Whether the objective is added sales, increased penetration, new product introduction, or Member exposure, we can help the Vendor design an approach to the Omni membership that will best meet the goal.

If you need some help on a special project, give us a call!

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Many of the Omni Vendors participate in the Spotlight Vendor Program, which features pre-planned promotions during a month(s) of the Vendor's choice. Participation in this program is strictly voluntary.

A calendar showing when the Spotlight Vendor promotions are available is updated frequently and posted within the password-protected portion of the Omni web site. Members can easily access this information and plan their purchases accordingly.

Details on the promotions are sent to the membership just prior to the effective dates in order to minimize the impact these promotions might have in the market place.


While every Omni Member likes the special buys available at the Annual Meeting, it is not always convenient to take time to attend a distant meeting. Also, travel and lodging expenses are always a consideration.

To give Members another show special opportunity, without the time and expense of attending a meeting, each October most of Omni's Vendors participate in the Omni Fall Roadshow. All Vendors are solicited for a Roadshow Special for the month of October, and these specials are released to each Member in mid-September.


Omni can assist a Vendor with market surveys designed around their specific requirements. These surevys are posted on a secure online service, and Members are invited to participate through a targeted e-mail campaign. No one. . including Omni . . can assure 100% response, but we can deliver better results than a Vendor would get from a normal sampling of the wholesaler universe. Such activity can quickly become stale, and we reserve the right to limit survey requests based on the volume of requests and our judgment of need.


While Omni cannot do the actual selling for a Vendor, we can assist and supplement the Vendor's efforts in the variety of ways as explained herein. Another approach, in selective cases, is direct contact by Omni to the Member principal or buyer on behalf of the Vendor. By using our contacts, we can, in most cases, get at least an audience with the proper person for the Vendor salesperson to make his or her presentation. If you have a problem with a key Member or target account, check with us as to how we might help.

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Approximately late January or early February of each year, Omni holds its Annual Meeting for Members and Vendors. The meeting is held in a warm climate area and historically begins on a Sunday evening and ends on Tuesday. The meeting location alternates between East and West locales and has been held in Arizona, Florida, and California.

Meeting activities generally include Member/Vendor meetings, seminars on subjects that are critical to Member wholesalers, and a Conference Booth session designed to give Vendors maximum exposure to the Members in attendance. The Conference Booth program is a table-top format which requires nothing more than literature from the Vendor, although new products may be displayed if necessary. Conference Booth specials are usually provided by the Vendors, and these specials are promoted in advance.

Traditionally, a large percentage of Omni's Member companies attend the Annual Meeting giving each attending Vendor ample opportunity to both reinforce old relationships and establish new contacts with potential customers within the membership.

In addition to the business benefits, the social aspect is not ignored. Spouses are welcome, and a spouse program is provided based on the meeting location. Also, along with the normal food service for breakfasts and lunches, a beautiful opening reception is held on Sunday evening with plentiful food and beverage, and an elegant Closing Reception and Dinner Dance is held on Tuesday evening.

For those who want to come early for some warm weather relaxation, a Member/Vendor Golf tournament is held on the Saturday prior to the meeting. The tournament has quickly grown in size and has become a popular way for Vendors and Members to socialize through a fun and relaxing Saturday afternoon.

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We hope the preceding outline helps you to better utilize the services that Omni has in place to assist your marketing efforts or perhaps prompt you to spend some time with Omni exploring how Omni could help you solve a particular sales or marketing problem.

We also remind you that we solicit and encourage regular personal contact with Omni at the Omni offices in Aurora, Ohio. The first step toward intelligent communication with our Members on a Vendor's behalf is for Omni to establish good communications with the Vendor's sales and marketing personnel. That can best be done through direct personal contact rather than by written or telephone contact. Take the time to visit with us, on a regular basis, and get to know Omni better.

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